Product Configuration Manager

Product Configuration Manager (PCM) is a powerful toolset from CloudBlue Commerce that provides the ability to configure a catalog for a specific product and replicate new configurations between CloudBlue Commerce instances. A configuration is a set of objects required to prepare a product offer: resource types, service templates, service plans, sales categories, resource categories, plan categories, and so on. PCM represents a single multilevel point of application offer management.

Specifically, PCM allows you to easily add new resource types to service templates and update service plans. You can manage both your configurations and those delegated to your resellers, making PCM an easy mechanism for propagating created configurations among platform instances.

PCM includes two tools:

  • Product Modeler for creating and managing base data of a product without price management. It enables you to manipulate the catalog structure as a whole and each offer individually by creating and updating service plans and resource rates.
  • Price Manager for fast and convenient mass price updates. Price Manager allows you to upload a specially structured CSV file with setup, recurring, and overuse fee changes, as well as automatically update prices in resource rates and resource rate periods in service plans of the specified account.