Application License Management

The following diagram shows the sequence of calls, which external system shall perform for the following purposes:

  • To install or update the Application license
  • To remove the Application license

Note: Application can support several licenses. In this case, External System should process separately each license.

  1. External System calls the pem.APS.getApplicationLicenseInfo method to obtain the information about the Application license.

    Note: This method is called only once per Application. The obtained information about the Application license is used for each Application instance.

  2. If the Application license's activation data is required to install or update the license, External System calls the pem.APS.getApplicationInstanceLicenseActivationData method. Operations returns the required activation data for the installed Application instance.
  3. External System installs or updates the prepared license using the pem.APS.installApplicationInstanceLicense method.
  4. To remove the installed license from Application instance, External System calls the pem.APS.removeApplicationInstanceLicense method.