This method is supported by Operations starting from version 2.3.

This method executes the set of specified Public API methods in a single Operations transaction. This method is introduced for external system that does not have own transaction mechanism, or a mechanism that handles Operations interaction statuses. The methods go through XML-RPC “params” array and for each parameter execute a corresponding operation that is described in value. All operations are executed in a single Operations transaction. Requested operations are executed in order they are specified. On the first operation failure, Operations rollbacks the transaction and returns a result of the first failed operation.

Each XML-RPC “param” has the following input parameters:



Short Description



Indicates name of Public API method that should be executed.



Parameters that should be passed to requested method as for usual XML-RPC call.




The identifier of request, to be further used by the pem.getRequestStatus method. Note, that this parameter must go in the first place in your XML RPC request because the request_id parameter affects only operations that are after it.

This method has no output parameters.

For the XML-RPC sample of this method refer to the pem.batchRequest sample section.