This method is supported by Operations starting from version 2.8

This method adds hosting moduels to Domain from Subscription specified. Subscription should not contain conflicting hosting modules simultaneously, like QMail Hosting and Exchange.

Additionally, there is an ability to control, which hosting modules to add to the Domain from the Subscription. Every Resource Type, which corresponds to the certain hosting, has the Auto host domains Activation Parameter. If this parameter has the Yes value, hosting will be added to the Domain during the call of method. If this parameter has the No value, hosting will not be added to the Domain during the call of method. This Activation Parameter controls the provisioning of the following hosting modules:

  • Domain Parking Hosting (Apache)
  • Exchange Hosting
  • Apache Web Hosting
  • CQMail Hosting

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description



ID of Domain for which hosting modules will be added.



ID of Subscription.

The method has no output parameters.