This method is supported by Operations starting from version 5.5.8

This method allows binding a Service User to a Subscription. This method can be used when the following preconditions are satisfied:

  • The target Subscription contains services in the subscription-local mode (Account-Wide Services is set to No).
  • The target Service User does not have any services.
  • The target Service User is not bound to another Subscription with services in the subscription-local mode.

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description



The identifier of the target Service User.



The identifier of the target Subscription.

The method has no output parameters.

Note: Service User ID is not displayed in Operations control panel. You may use the pem.getUserByLogin or pem.getUsers methods to obtain the ID of the required Service User. Also, you may use the Operations Public API methods which contain Service User ID(s) in the list of the output parameters.