This method is supported by Operations starting from version 2.6.5

This method removes the e-mail addresses from the list of assigned to Hosted Exchange entity e-mail addresses.

Note: Hosted Exchange entity is a Mailbox/Public Folder/Distribution List/Contact.

There is a peculiarity: if a non-assigned to Hosted Exchange entity e-mail address was specified in the list of e-mail addresses to remove, method call will ignore such e-mail address. Such behavior is intended for the bulk e-mail addresses removal.

Note: The mailbox_id, distribution_list_id, public_folder_id, and mail_contact_id optional parameters are mutually exclusive.

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description



ID of Mailbox.



ID of Distribution List.



ID of Public Folder.



ID of Contact.


array of string

The list of e-mail addresses to remove.

The method has no output parameters.

Note: This method can also be called under Reseller permissions.