This method is supported by Operations starting from version 6.0.

The method moves subscriptions to another account.

Important: Subscriptions containing the CDI service cannot be moved to another account.

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description


array of int

Identifier(s) of the subscriptions to be moved.

Important: All the specified subscriptions must belong to the same customer.



Identifier of the account to which the subscription(s) will be moved to.

Important: The specified account and the original owner of subscriptions must belong to the same vendor and use the same brand.

This method has the following limitations:
- Both customer accounts should belong to the same vendor and be assigned to the same brand (re-branding is not supported).
- Subscriptions of reseller accounts cannot be moved.
- Subscriptions having Exchange or Qmail services in an account-wide mode cannot be moved to another account, which subscriptions contain the same service in an account-wide mode. For more information, refer to CloudBlue Commerce Operations Provider's Guide >> Managing Accounts > Operating Resellers and Customers > Managing Subscriptions > Making Subscription Services Account-Wide section.

This method has no output parameters.