pem.provisionSubscription (deprecated)

This method is supported by Operations starting from version 2.3.01.

This method was used for provisioning Shared Hosting subscriptions only. Use pem.activateSubscription method to create and provisions a subscription in Operations.

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description



The ID of the Subscription to provision.


array (struct)

This parameter indicates which Resource Types must be auto-provisioned and in what amount. It is an optional parameter. If it is omitted, then the auto-provisioning of Resource Types is performed according to default rules in Operations.

This parameter represents an array of structs, each describing auto-provisioning for a separate Resource Type. Structs have the following fields:

  • resource_type_id” of type “int”. Indicated the Resource Type to auto-provision.
  • amount” of type “int”. Specifies the amount of resources to auto-provision.

The method has no output parameters.