This method is supported by Operations starting from version 5.4.

This method allows rescheduling a failed/canceled task without further Operations restart or the whole Task Manager queue reload. The following variants are available:

  • Rescheduling Task with default timeout of 3600 sec.
  • Rescheduling Task with changed task parameters. The list of parameters provided will be added to a given task parameters. If some of them already exist, their values will be substituted by new ones.
  • Rescheduling Task with changed task timeout.

The method has the following input parameters:



Short Description



ID of the task.



Task new timeout in seconds.


array of struct

Array of task parameters. Task parameter is a pair of 'name' and 'value' parameters, such as params=[{'name':'parameter',''value':'new value'}]

If the method call has been executed successfully, there are no output parameters.

If the method call fails, the error message is returned.