Operating Unit

In some cases, service providers decide to configure resellers that do not represent separate legal entities. Such resellers do not need to be charged by their providers because they represent the same legal entity, and no financial transactions occur between them in reality.

By default, CloudBlue Commerce performs additional actions and creates additional objects associated with resellers' transactions, which are not necessary in case of such pseudo-resellers.

  • Creates charges between the provider and a reseller and checks the reseller's account balance whenever a reseller's customer purchases a service. In CloudBlue Commerce, it can be observed in the Billing PCP on the Operations > Resellers > Reseller Activity tab of the reseller's account page, which shows the reseller's balance.

  • Tracks the reseller's payments done through the provider's merchant account (if the reseller does not use own one). In Billing, it can be seen by following the Payments processed through Provider link in the PCP on the Operations > Resellers > Reseller Activity tab of the reseller's account page.

  • Excludes the reseller's revenue from the Revenue Report used to collect revenue statistics for the Revenue Share program (not to be confused with Billing reports designed for provider's staff).

Thus, for providers that participate in the Revenue Share licensing model it is required to mark such resellers as an Operating Unit (so that revenue share could be correctly calculated by the system). For other providers it is not necessary, but we recommend that you eliminate redundant objects in the system.

Hence, in order for Billing not to create any redundant objects for provider's own brand configured as a reseller, and to include such resellers' transactions in the revenue reporting for the Revenue Share program, the corresponding reseller must be marked as an Operating Unit.

To turn a reseller into an Operating Unit:

  1. Log in to Billing PCP.

  2. Go to Operations > Resellers.

  3. Click a name of the reseller you want to mark as an Operating Unit.

  4. On the General tab, in the Account Information section, click Mark As Operating Unit.

Note: Marking a reseller as an Operating Unit does not affect documents of the reseller’s customers, or the way they are going to be billed; it also does not affect any services running under such reseller.