Requirements to Virtualization Solutions

Recommended Virtualization Platforms

  • On-premises deployments: Virtuozzo 7, VMware ESXi 6.x.
  • Public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure.

Hardware Configuration Requirements

Allocating the right amount of resources is critical to ensure a high level of stability and performance and optimize infrastructure costs. Insufficient resource allocation leads to performance degradation and stability problems, while excessive redundancy unnecessarily inflates infrastructure costs. To find the right balance for your particular system, we offer the following scheme.

Under Hardware Requirements below, you will find minimal infrastructure requirements for your desired installation capacity. These are requirements to launch CloudBlue Commerce with a low load of up to 10,000 accounts.

To find the right configuration to build up a system of your choice, do the following:

  1. Install the system with minimal hardware requirements
  2. Monitor the system's performance by measuring real-world resource consumption (CPU, RAM, HDD, and OS scores).
  3. Add resources when load for these metrics reaches 80% (or the other limit according to your company's capacity planning strategy).

You can also proactively plan resources by approximately forecasting the system growth.

Note: The calculated numbers are for reference only and cannot be treated as requirements. The right amount of resources can be based only on real-world resource consumption.

To plan resources, do the following:

  1. Consider the system with minimal hardware requirements
  2. Calculate resources as approx. +30% for each time the number of accounts or subscriptions or users doubles in size.

Hardware Performance Requirements

CloudBlue provides two performance benchmarks for hardware assessment:

  • odin-hwperf: CPU, RAM, HDD, and OS benchmark. The odin-hwperf benchmark must report CPU, RAM, HDD, and OS scores > 1.0 in all virtual machines where CloudBlue Commerce Premium components are deployed.
  • odin-pg-bench: PostgreSQL connection benchmark. The odin-pg-bench benchmark running from CloudBlue Commerce management node and Billing application node to the appropriate databases must report successful results.

BackNet network between CloudBlue Commerce components must have stable connection link with at least 1 GBit/sec throughput, zero packet loss rate and infinite timeout for idle TCP sessions.