Preparing a Kubernetes Cluster

Prepare a Kubernetes cluster:

  1. Create a cluster that meets the following requirements:

    • A supported version of Kubernetes is used in this cluster. To learn which Kubernetes versions are supported by CloudBlue Commerce, see Appendix: Supported Kubernetes Versions.

    • This cluster has enough resources to run CloudBlue Commerce components.

    • This cluster includes at least three worker nodes, and each node has at least 8 CPU cores and at least 4 GB of RAM per CPU core.

    To learn how to create a cluster, please use the documentation of your cloud infrastructure provider.


    - In this CloudBlue Commerce version, the ipvs mode of kube-proxy is not supported.

    - Pod Security Policies are not supported in the current CloudBlue Commerce version. Do not enable them in your cluster.

  2. In the cluster, create the following namespaces:

    • cbc: for CloudBlue Commerce components

    • infrastructure: for infrastructure components such as ingress controllers, log management and analytics solutions, and monitoring and alerting solutions

    • connectors: for APS connectors

  3. Obtain and save a kubeconfig file with the administrator credentials of this cluster. To obtain the instructions on how to do this, please refer to the documentation of your cloud infrastructure provider.

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