CloudBlue Commerce Deployment Overview

CloudBlue Commerce deployment implements the Cloud-Native Configuration approach, where CloudBlue Commerce components are deployed in a Kubernetes cluster in a public or an on-premises cloud.

The Cloud-Native Configuration approach has the following advantages:

  • More frequent releases and faster delivery of features.
  • Optimization, simplification, and unification of deployment and upgrade operations.
  • Horizontal scalability and fault tolerance of the core components (OSS, BSS, and UI).
  • Cloud-agnostic deployment. CloudBlue Commerce can be deployed in public or on-premises clouds.

To deploy CloudBlue Commerce:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Reference Architecture.

  2. Depending on what CloudBlue Commerce functionalities you need, choose a set of CloudBlue Commerce components to be installed. To obtain a list of components and to learn about their business purposes, see System Components and Their Business Purposes. To learn about the deployment model of CloudBlue Commerce, see The Deployment Model.

  3. Plan your cloud infrastructure by reading the guidelines and requirements in Planning the Resources of Your Cloud Infrastructure.

  4. Prepare your cloud infrastructure according to the requirements and recommendations in Preparing Your Cloud Infrastructure.

  5. Deploy the required components in your cloud infrastructure, as described in Deploying System Components.

  6. Deploy the monitoring and alerting solution. For details, see Deploying the Monitoring and Alerting Solution.

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