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Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019


APS Tools

Download the APS development tools for your development environment.

Platform Version Download Link
Windows 2.2-408 apstools-2.2-408.exe
Linux (rpm) 2.2-408 apstools-2.2-408.noarch.rpm
Universal (java) 2.2-408

PHP Runtime Library

Download PHP runtime to install it on your local development computer and on hosts used to install APS application connectors.

Platform Version Download Link
Linux (rpm) 7.4-113 aps-php-runtime-7.4-113.el7.noarch.rpm
Universal (zip) 7.4-113


In APS sanboxes provisioned by the APS team, the PHP runtime is already installed on hosts used for application endpoints. For example, if the base domain of your sandbox is, the endpoint host is

Install PHP runtime as described in the Installation section.

Third Party Tools

  • Insomnia - a full-featured GUI REST client recommended to test and debug REST requests on the APS bus. Refer to the Sample GUI Client section for the brief introduction to its use in the APS environment.