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Last updated 14-Nov-2018

APS Testing Framework

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APS Testing Framework is designed to help in development of automated test for APS applications. It provides test runner utilities and functions to work with Operations Automation API and APS REST API.

Framework is delivered as an RPM package: aps2-test-framework-2.2-86.noarch.rpm

or ZIP archive:

You can run it on any Unix-based or Windows node.

In APS sandbox environment, testing framework is automatically deployed on the endpoint node, along with all required packages.

You need to develop your own custom test and run it with help of aps-test utility, passing APS package and your custom test directory as parameters to this utility.

A example of a custom test that works only via REST and Operations Automation Open API, can be found in the /usr/share/apstest/php/examples/vpscloud/ directory, if the package is installed as RPM, or in examples/vpscloud/ in a zip archive.

Example with mixed testing, which partly works via REST and Operations Automation Open API, partly via Operations Automation UI (Selenium), can be found in /usr/share/apstest/php/examples/with-selenium if the package is installed as RPM, or in examples/with-selenium/ in a zip archive.

Refer to the test structure article for more information.


APS Testing Framework requires the following additional packages:

Refer to Installation instructions for Windows.

Change Log

Version 2.2-86, 2017-10-31

  • Updated to support the changes in the BSS API version 7.2.

Version 2.0-81, 2016-09-09

  • disableSubscription/enableSubscription functions are implemented
  • BA API support for OA 7.x is added

Version 2.0-68, 2015-12-12

  • Now Billing API protocol (http or https) is determined automatically
  • APS-30356 connection to billing API fails because of wrong protocol

Version 2.0-54, 2015-10-30

Version 2.0-49, 2015-06-29

  • APS-22438 improvement in account management. Read more.
  • APS-22437 fullcleanup fails for resellers

Version 2.0-37, 2014-12-11

  • Support of UI tests via Selenium is added. UI tests example is included. Read more.
  • fullcleanup action is added. By this action, all data, related to application, is removed from Odin Automation. More info.

Version 2.0-20, 2014-11-20

  • Windows OS support is added.

Version 2.0-15, 2014-11-10

  • Initial version supports creation of the platform and APS objects with Operations Automation API and APS 2 Rest API.