Displaying an Existing Product in Product Inventory

Product Inventory provides a simplified overview of vendor prices, prices and MSRP configured in the platform. To display a product, Product Inventory groups resource rates from service plans configured for a particular account using the following parameters (all service plan types are considered: owned and delegated):

  • Resource ID (prior to the BSS 20.5-2050 hotfix) or Vendor ID (after the BSS 20.5-2050 hotfix),

  • MPN,

  • Billing model,

  • Billing period,

  • Subscription period.

    Note: Resources of plans with only trial subscription periods are not displayed.

To appear in Product Inventory, resource rates (end respective resources) must meet these requirements:

  • The MPN is defined for the resource or resource rate.
  • Only one fee type is configured for the resource rate.
  • The resource rate price is the same in all service plans offered by the account.
  • The included amount of the resource rate is not equal to the maximum amount, or the resource rate is displayed in the Control Panel or Online Store.
  • If the resource is composite, it must have only one included resource.
  • If grouping is done by Vendor ID, which means that one group may include resource rates that belong to different resources, the UOM and Measurable parameter for those resources must be equal.

To make a product that you already offer visible in Product Inventory, complete these steps:

  1. Log in to provider control panel and switch to billing.
  2. Go to Products > Service Plans, locate the plan in which to display the product in Product Inventory, and click its name.
  3. Open the Resource Rates tab.
  4. Find the resource rate that represents the product and click its name. Make sure that only one fee type is specified for this resource rate: Setup, Recurring, or Overuse.
  5. Make sure that the resource rate is available to customers. In the Main section, the Available for Sale option must be enabled, and at least one of the Show in Store or Show in CP parameter must be set to Yes.
  6. Click on the identifier of the billing resource in the Main section.
  7. If MPN is not defined for this resource, add the MPN provided by the resource vendor or any other unique identifier to this resource.
  8. Go to ProductsPrices and make sure that this product is there.


  1. If several resource rates are displayed in Product Inventory as separate items and you want them to be displayed as one item, these resources must be identical in the following parameters:

    • MPN of the resource
    • Billing period
    • Fee type
  2. If several resource rates are displayed in Product Inventory as one item and you want them to be displayed as multiple items, these resources must be different in one of the following parameters:

    • MPN of the resource
    • Billing period

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