Microsoft SaaS - Information for New Partners and Glossary

CloudBlue is pleased to welcome new Partners to the ecosystem. We aim to have you on board with CloudBlue technologies to stand up your business as seamlessly as possible. The information in this section describes the basic scope of support for Microsoft SaaS Offerings on CloudBlue Connect.

In this documentation we assume that you are an existing registered Microsoft Partner. Below you can see some frequently asked questions that may help you obtain general information about business models, licensing models, pricing management, etc.

What Business Models are supported by CloudBlue Connectand CloudBlue Commerce?

CloudBlue supports Microsoft business models where Microsoft provides modern Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This includes the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program with legacy CSP Commerce Platform and modern New Commerce Experience (NCE) Platform.

Microsoft does not provide programmatic support for certain legacy business models, such as Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA).

Microsoft Partners may register themselves with Microsoft following any of the business models listed below, all of which are supported by both CloudBlue Connect and CloudBlue Commerce:

  • Direct 1T Provider (Microsoft Direct Billed Partner)

  • Indirect 2T Provider (Microsoft Direct Billed Partner)

  • Indirect 2T Reseller

What Cloud Licensing Commerce Models are Supported?

Microsoft Cloud Licensing has supported the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) in the following Commerce Platforms:

  • CSP Commerce Platform: It became available in 2014 and since then Microsoft has been moving products through deprecation to the End of Life on this platform over the past few years.

  • New Commerce Experience (NCE) Commerce Platform: It became available in 2021 and it provides a simplified journey for both partners and customers to transact cloud services in a consistent and standardized purchase motion. Some of the benefits of the New Commerce Experience include the following:

    • Faster time to value with solutions from Microsoft and partners.

    • Increased flexibility without compromising control.

    • Optimize costs and unlock new savings.

    • Built on a foundation of trust and security.

Both CloudBlue Commerce and CloudBlue Connect support the Microsoft Cloud Licensing types described above.

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Are Microsoft Direct Billed Partners eligible for Microsoft's incentives, rebates and competencies?

From time to time, Microsoft operates a variety of incentives, rebates and competencies for the benefit of qualifying eligible Microsoft Partners.

When a Microsoft Direct Billed Partner uses CloudBlue Connect and Commerce technologies, CloudBlue as an organization is not a participant in any of the following:

  • The CSP Relationship (from Partners to Customers).

  • Money flows of Invoicing and Billing.

  • Incentives

  • Rebates

  • Competencies

Microsoft Direct Billed Partners will continue to be eligible for incentives, rebates and competencies, regardless of their use of CloudBlue technologies.

However, when a Microsoft 2-Tier Indirect Reseller Partner opts in to Ingram Micro's Syndication Program, they are opting to purchase from Ingram Micro Cloud, as opposed to Microsoft. In that case, such partners will be subject to the then-in-effect Terms and Conditions from Ingram Micro Cloud with respect to CSP Relationship, pricing, invoicing, incentives, rebates and competencies.

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How is Pricing Managed?

CloudBlue as an organization does not dictate the pricing strategy on behalf of any CloudBlue Partner. Each CloudBlue Partner retains full control over unit pricing strategy.

Sometimes CloudBlue Partners may react to changes in unit pricing driven by Microsoft, but CloudBlue Partners are not obligated by Microsoft to do so, or may implement changes that deviate to some degree. CloudBlue Partners may also unilaterally make changes to pricing to reflect the evolving competitive situation in their local operating markets.

In the Indirect 2-Tier distribution mode, only the CloudBlue Partner acting as Indirect 2-Tier provider is able to set the unit price for the Indirect 2-Tier reseller. Additionally, the CloudBlue Partner must opt-in to have new Connect Pricing Versions created, and CloudBlue Partners have the final option to implement any pricing changes that originate with Microsoft.

CloudBlue offers optional paid Professional Services and Managed Services, for which CloudBlue Partners may negotiate for a scope of work that includes maintaining prices according to a pricing strategy or process that is defined by the CloudBlue Partner.

CloudBlue's Product Catalogue Automation Tools are capable of obtaining the Direct Billed Partner's Unit Cost and Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a corresponding Microsoft Authorized Region and Local Currency.

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