Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

Design Review

Once it is verified that the application and its service offers can successfully be packaged and resold, the technical design work starts.



To ensure a successful packaging process that delivers a working and safe package, service providers can deploy and end users know how to interact with, it is absolutely critical to have a comprehensive service design before any coding is done. The checklist with the accompanying documentation describes in detail what needs to be a part of a good Service Design.

While going through these documents, please pay special attention to these two parts:

  • Resource Model: This model describes which resources are necessary inside the platform to represent the application services being packaged, as well as the relations between them and resources of other applications.
  • UX Mockups: To ensure the package provides a great user experience and is easy to use, it’s key to create UX Mockups before coding of the package begins. Please see here for more guidelines.

Checklist and Instructions for this step: