Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

Certification Process

More than just a test of the package functionality, the process allows anyone creating an APS package access to Odin Automation considerable Odin Automation and APS expertise while ensuring that every package that carries the coveted Certified for Odin Automation stamp meets the highest standards from both a technical and business standpoint.

Certification Steps

At a high level, the certification process has four steps as follows. Each step is at least an hour-long session with one or more Odin Automation SMEs that will help guide the development and offer best practices based on our considerable expertise:

  1. Offer Review: Before the technical design of the package starts, it is crucial to determine if the ISV’s package is ready to be sold through the Service Provider channel as well as what will be sold and how it will be sold. This is both to ensure that the desired functionality can actually be implemented through APS and to ensure that the business of the ISV fits the channel.
  2. Design Review: Once the business offer has been decided and designed, it is time to start architecting the package. In APS that’s done through the all-important Resource Model that describes how the service will be represented inside Odin Automation (through resources). At the same time, it is vital to create accurate UI mock-ups to show the flow of the package inside Odin Automation and to ensure a great customer Experience.
  3. Implementation Review: Once the Design of the package has been completed, it is time to implement that design, that is start coding. This step ensures that the final package will be implemented correctly and works the way it should.
  4. Technical Review: And finally, our experienced support team puts the package through a rigorous process, validating the code, installing and testing the package, reviewing the documentation for the Service Provider and so on. Once the package is successfully through this step, it will be certified for Odin Automation for the version of Odin Automation it was tested against and all following minor versions.

For an ISV/SI/Packager, this sounds like a somewhat extensive process, but through many packages we have found that it actually saves time by catching mistakes or omissions at just the right time. Doing a resource model for a business offer that cannot be implemented in Odin Automation or coding from a wrong Resource Model can for example mean significant lost time in the package process.

For a Service Provider, this process will mean that they should confidently and easily be able to install certified packages, knowing that the package has gone through rigorous testing and comes with comprehensive documentation.

You can find more details about each step in the sub-topics – what each step contains and the documents that go with that step.

Getting Started

In the following sections you can find details about each step in the process, including links to the documents and templates we use. We highly recommend that you read through these sections to familiarize yourself with what we look at and for in each step.