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Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

APS Types

This reference guide provides the full information about APS types that allow using the built-in platform services and build a resource model of an APS application.

In this document:


The guide contains the following documents:

  • Type Definition discloses the APS type structure and provides detailed data about all components, including general data, implementation of other types, properties, composite structures, operations, and privileges. It is necessary to know that information to build custom APS types implementing Absctract Types and integrating APS application with the platform through the OSS Types.
  • Absctract Types contains reference data for every base APS type to be implemented by other APS types including the OSS Types and BSS Types.
  • OSS Types is a set of reference documents about specific APS types used by OSS to expose its services for integration with APS applications.
  • BSS Types is a set of reference documents about specific APS types used by BSS to expose its services for integration with APS applications.


There are several built-in services exposed by the platform on the APS bus as singleton APS resources. Such a service is called on the APS bus using its alias as follows.

  • Get the APS resource representing a service:

    GET /aps/2/services/<alias>
  • Run a custom operation exposed by a service:

    POST /aps/2/services/<alias>/<operation>
    { /* JSON body */ }

OSS Services

This is a list of APS types that define the API of OSS services.

Name APS ID Alias
ContactManagement contact-manager
PrivilegeManagement privilege-manager
UserManagement user-manager
DomainManagement domain-manager
ReverseZoneManagement dns-reverse-zone-manager
HostManagement host-manager
PeriodicTaskManagement periodic-task-manager
OnScreenNotificationManager notification-manager
MessengerManager messenger-manager
PCPNotificationManager pcp-notification-manager
ConfigurationManager configuration-manager
ResourceTypeManagement resource-type-manager

BSS Services

This is a list of APS types that define the API of BSS services.

Name APS ID Alias
PaymentManagement payment-manager
PaymentMethodManagement payment-method-manager
PaymentRedirectManagement payment-redirect-manager
OrderManagement order-manager
SKUManagement sku-manager

General Services

The following services are used to manage resources in both systems, OSS and BSS.

Name APS ID Alias
InitWizardConfig init-wizard


The platform data model contains many collections of resources, such as accounts, user, and subscriptions. Every collection is defined by an APS type and it has an alias that you can use to get all APS resources of the collection:

GET /aps/2/collections/<alias>

For example, to get a list of all accounts, send the following request:

GET /aps/2/collections/accounts

Abstract Collections

Name APS ID Alias
Application applications
User users
Service User service-users
Admin User admin-users
UserService user-services
Account accounts
Subscription subscriptions
SubscriptionService subscription-services
ServiceProfile service-profiles
ResellerProfile reseller-profiles
IPAddress ip-addresses
Domain domains
Domain Service domain-services

OSS Collections

Name APS ID Alias
PAAccount pa-accounts
PAUser pa-users
PAAdminUser pa-admin-users
PAServiceUser pa-service-users
Host hosts
HostService host-services
PAIPAddress pa-ip-addresses
PAServiceTemplate pa-service-templates
PASubscription pa-subscriptions

BSS Collections

Name APS ID Alias
CustomerClass customer-classes
NotificationTemplate notification-templates
ServicePlan service-plans
ServicePlanCategory service-plan-categories
ServiceTerms service-terms
TaxCategory tax-categories