Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

Human Interface Guidelines

This is a set of documents for designing an effective user interface (UI) in the platform environment, taking into account the general user experience (UX) principles and the specifics of the UX in various types of user panels:

  • UX Principles explain general design principles that make UX interactive, understandable, and friendly.
  • UX Guidelines introduce UX design patterns applicable and often used in the user panels of the platform. This is important to know when you integrate a custom UI into a user panel dashboard or wizard, as well as when you design your own UI wizard.
  • UI Style Guidelines concern typical layout of custom screens and implementation of widgets and controls by means of the APS SDK UI framework. Since the latter is based entirely on JavaScript, it is often called APS JS SDK.


Do not be confused by the two similar acronyms:

UX - “user experience” encompasses all aspects of the user interaction with the platform.

UX1 - a user panel based on the newest user experience.