Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

Managing APS Catalog Contents

A client can allow end-users to add a package to APS Catalog with one of the following methods:

  • Add a package to APS Catalog directly.
  • Add a package via packager administration panel.

This chapter explains how to build this capability into a client.

Adding Package to Catalog Directly

The sequence of actions performed by a client and a user to add a package to APS Catalog is as follows:

  1. The user chooses an appropriate repository for the package, and passes the control to the client.
  2. The client does the following:
    1. Retrieves the Repository index.
    2. Parses the index for a specific form (//form[@name='packageSubmitForm'])
    3. Displays this form to end users. Form fields indicate information required for adding the package. Before displaying this form, the client can transform it to meet the UI design requirements.
  3. The user fills the form and submits it to APS Catalog.


Packages uploaded through the APS Catalog form are enabled by default.

For details on form fields (HTTP POST arguments) and possible APS Catalog responses, refer to ADD Package in the API Reference.

Adding and Removing Packages via POST-method

Adding and removing a Package is is also possible through submitting an HTML POST request to either of the following URL’s:

  • Adding a Package: /packager/upload/
  • Removing a Package: /packager/remove/

For details on POST arguments and possible APS Catalog responses, see APS Catalog Form Arguments.

Submitting Application Rating via POST-method

Submitting a rating and review for an application is possible through an HTTP POST request. The rating is submitted for a certain package and is applied to all other packages of the application. The new vote is added to the existing rating and averaged out. You may see the average rating (as well as the total number of votes) in Application and Application Version feeds, see Feeds for details.

The POST request has to be sent to the following URL:


The placeholder string means the following:

  • <ROOT_URL> - the APS Catalog URL.

The details on POST arguments and possible APS Catalog responses see below:

Request Arguments

Argument name Description Type Required
username Reviewer login string yes
password Reviewer password string yes
name Name of application package string yes
vendor Name of package vendor string yes
version Package version and release string yes
rating Application rating integer yes
review Review text text no

Response Codes

Code Description
200 Ok Review has been successfully uploaded to the repository.
400 Bad request The submitted request is incomplete and cannot be accepted. Check whether all required arguments are sent
401 Unauthorized Authorization required. Username or password is incorrect.
405 Method not allowed The handler does not accept the request method. Only the POST method is accepted.