Application Packaging Standard

Last updated 18-Mar-2019

APS Sandbox

APS sandbox is a dedicated Odin Automation hosting platform in an isolated network under the domain. Depending on the requested configuration, Odin Automation includes:

  • As minimum, Operations Automation system responsible for service provisioning
  • Optionally, Business Automation system responsible for the commercial part

Sandbox Configuration

An independent software vendor (ISV) can request a sandbox and deploy the hosting platform on it using one of predefined configurations. The following most often used configurations called “standard configurations” are as follows:

# Name Hosts Description
1 lin-mn-new
Simplest Operations Automation configuration featuring Linux-based OSS management node and dedicated host for APS endpoints deployment
2 lin-billing-new
Configuration of Service Automation with the billing part (Operations Automation + Business Automation).

If you need another non-standard configuration, please submit your request to the APS developer support team.

Components and Connections

APS sandboxes are provisioned within an isolated network under the domain. This network is accessible only through the virtual private network - VPN tunnel. The server provides the tunnels as shown on the following diagram:


Within this network, each sandbox has a unique base DNS name that includes the short organization name, for example, isv1, and the sandbox name, for example, a:

Sandbox Name Base DNS Name Sandbox Hosts Examples

All of these names are resolved through the central DNS server with the private IP address

Retention Policy

  1. APS partners can obtain an APS sandboxes for unlimited period assuming that they are actively using them for developing and testing APS packages.
  2. If a sandbox is not used for a long period, the following operations are activated automatically:
    • If nobody logged in to a platform control panel for 1 week, the platform is shut down, and sandbox servers are stopped. The sandbox owner can start the system using the dashboard.
    • If the platform was in the stopped state for 1 month, the sandbox is destroyed. The sandbox owner can provision the platform again using the dashboard.

To order a sandbox and then configure the VPN tunnel to it, please follow the steps outlined in the following sections.