Configuring Allowed Upgrades/Downgrades for a Service Plan

For your customers (or resellers) to be able to change the service plan of their subscription to another one, you must configure a list of allowed upgrades and downgrades. For a service plan, such a list defines the service plans to which customers (resellers) are allowed to upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions to the original service plan. The procedure of switching from one service plan to another is the same for upgrades and downgrades. The difference is that when a customer switches to a more expensive service plan, they are billed additionally for extra services, whereas when a customer switches to a cheaper service plan, they may receive a refund (depending on the service plan settings). Also, you can charge a fee for each upgrade or downgrade.

To configure an allowed upgrade or downgrade option for a service plan:

  1. Add an upgrade option
  2. Configure the service plan switch parameters for the added option
  3. Define which resources of the service plan can be represented by which resource of the upgrade option (resource mapping)

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