What's New in CloudBlue Commerce in August 2022

End-of-Life Notifications

Component Updates

Components released this month:

Component name Version Release date
UI and Branding 21.7.177 (patch) August 31
PLM 1.4.186 August 26
BSS 21.7.275 August 26
UX1 Subscription Management 4.6.1376 August 11
BSS 21.7.264 (patch) August 9
Rating Orchestrator 1.1.68 August 5
Usage Collector 1.7.1162 August 5
Rating Engine 1.13.3171 (patch) August 5
OSS 21.7.193 (patch) August 1
UI and Branding 21.7.165 (patch) August 1
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