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Validation and Publication

Every new or modified skin should be approved by the support team to avoid breaking the backward compatibility with the future platform releases. Approved skins are tested by the support team with every platform version to ensure the stable work.


You will be able to work with packages on the APS development portal if you pass the following steps:

  1. Register in the development portal as a user.

  2. Request creation of an organization.

  3. Get at least one packager name for the organization.

These three entities (user, organization, and packager name) relate to each other on the many-to-many basis.



If a user is registered in the APS support database, that user must belong to only one organization.

To register in the portal, you need to request registration of your user account and organization allowed to work with packages on Ingram Micro Connect portal.

The support team will consider your request and notify you about creation of the organization. You will get the administrator role in this organization.

You can also initiate this process by sending your request to the support team.

On completion of this process, you will be able to select the new organization in the Organizations list. On behalf of the organization, you can invite other users, upload packages, request for package certification and package upload to the APS catalog. Also, you can request a sandbox for developing your APS packages.


Before you deliver a new or modified skin to customers, pack the skin files in a ZIP archive and submit it to the APS catalog for validation as explained in the next section.

Uploading Skins

If you are registered in the APS development portal upload the skin file there for validation as follows:

  1. Go to the package upload page.

  2. Click Upload new Skin and then click Choose File to locate the ZIP archive with the modified skin files.

  3. Complete the form and click Upload to submit the archive to the catalog.

The APS catalog team will review the uploaded skin package and then mark it as approved or rejected. Once the custom skin is approved, you will get a notification email from the APS catalog team. If there are any issues preventing the skin from being approved, the support team will help you fix them.