Sales Configuration

The Business Support System (BSS) of the platform automates the business processes. It allows the provider to get profits from the application services as explained briefly in the platform data model.

In this document:

BSS in APS Ecosystem

BSS exposes its own APS REST interface that allows interacting with its objects on the low level and high level API for the JavaScript based UI, other applications, and management systems.



There are the following business operations allowed by BSS:




Product Initialization Wizard

Create service plans along with related resources, service templates, and various business objects.

A high-level API that allows APS applications to bring the JSON representation of the products to be sold through BSS.

Customization for Sales Channels

Create for resellers customizable properties in delegated service plans.

A high-level API that allows an APS application to add a reseller profile as an APS type used to create APS resources with customizable properties for resellers. Due to this API the resellers may have, for example, their own login and password to access the integrated cloud application.

List Products

Get APS resources representing service plans and other related objects.

A low-level REST API that allows sending generic GET requests for reading service plans and related objects.

Price Management

Get, update and synchronize prices in service plans.

A low-level API exposed by the platform built-in SKU dispatcher that allows an external system to get and update fees in service plans through SKU structures. If those service plans are delegated to resellers, the external system can synchronize the fees throughout all resellers.

In addition to the above-mentioned API, the JavaScript framework also provides the high-level APS Biz API that allows seamless integration with the subscription and upsell management as explained in the frontend concepts. That API interacts with both parts, OSS and BSS.